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Hi folks, for those of you that didn't make it last nite you missed out on a brilliant nite! Fabulous music with a live set from Dino, boy that guy can sing! - normally I am not a great fan of live music for dancing, usually it has been poor and too fast! Well last nite it was so good that I was disappointed that it ended, but I was happy . Also Nicola's cakes n sandwiches hit the spot. . Already looking fwd to my next visit. Roger (Apr 2013).


First time at Underground Blues. Fab dancers, great music, amazing singer and the acoustic guitar wasn't half bad too! Oh yes, and yummy cake - what's not to like! Thanks for a lovely evening. Lin (Apr 2013).


Fantastic performance last night, Howard and Dino - the singing was wonderful and the guitarist was just fantastic! Dino has a great voice and presence and Howard played a mean Spanish guitar, a truly awesome talent. Cheryl (Apr 2013).


Was a great night. I look forward to the next one! Jon (Apr 2013).


I'm still in a party mood! Ater the life performance of Dino and legendary virtuso Howard Temple!!! Ania (Apr 2013).


What a great night! Ana (Apr 2013).


What an amazing night dancing & catching up with friends so many but to list a few lol . . . I only had one piece of the banana and rum cake which is good cos I love my rum & banana . . . Ben (Jan 2013).


LOL fab night everyone - and thanks to Howard Temple and Nicola for creating a little hidden gem of an evening!! Rachel (Jan 2013).


Thanks Howard Temple and Nicola for a lovely evening looking forward to seeing you next month!! Marcus (Jan 2013).


Great night Howard really enjoyed it. The music was very smooth and clearly significant planning went into everything. If only all dance events were planned this well. Looking forward to the next one. Jonathan (Jan 2013).


I had a really good time on Friday, thank you :) and your selection of music was really good! Shame I had to leave early to catch a train, looking forward to the next one;) Ana (Jan 2013).


Perfect blend of music and venue for both Blues and West Coasters, well done! Alex (Jan 2013).


Last Friday night was, without any doubt, the most enjoyable Friday dance night that I have experienced in London for years. Congratulations to all involved. Bill (Nov 2012).


'. . .everyone was so incredibly friendly and good to see the West Coasters being represented. Justin (Nov 2012).


A delicious evening (not just the lemon drizzle cake!) John (Nov 2012).


Had a great time at the "Underground Blues" event at the Hammersmith Club! Filipe (Nov 2012).


Perfect music and venue for Blues and West Coast Swing. Thanks for a fab night. Lynda (Nov 2012).


Had a lovely time on Friday night (Hammersmith Club) … It was quality music, dancers and well organized as always. Pradeep (Jun 2012).


Well done to you and Nicola for a great night.... and for laying on the food and drinks... It was very nice indeed. Ruth (Jun 2012).


Fabulous hospitality and a lovely, relaxing evening! Cat (Jun 2012).


Thank you, Howard and Nicola . . . for being such gracious hosts! Stan (Jun 2012).



Just magical, the best night I have had out dancing this year – I am still smiling. Jon


Thanks for organising a brilliant night last Saturday. Great food, great fun, and all for £10! Jack & Rachel.


The ball was excellent! Such a wonderful setting for it, it really created an atmosphere, I had some cracking dances, as I'd hoped . . . I've admired Howard and Nicola's teaching for something like 10 years now, so it wasn't much of a gamble; the standard was certain to be high. Fare thee well, Dave.


Fantastic event! Ana.


Awesome event, loved it. Levi.



It was a pleasure to be part of such a professionally run event. The atmosphere in both rooms was electric, and everyone so friendly. Champagne on arrival and home made cakes, what more could you want. Oh and the dancing was pretty good too! When's the next one? Nick (Mar 2013).


What a great night! Lovely venue, fab dancers and good d.jing. The only time the dance floor wasn't busy was when Nicola's cakes appeared! Well done everyone. Sue (Mar 2013).


Brilliant night! Great dancers! Choice of music! Didn't know which room to choose from, as every room played lovely music!!! Thanks to all the dancers and crew for making it happen. Ania (Mar 2013).


Great event, lovely venue and as one dancer observed it drew dancers from just about every blues scene in the country! Well done to Howard Nichola and all their hard working crew. Aaron (Mar 2013).


Was good to see you Sue & Fluff, yep agree great music - luckily I managed to get a piece of cake too! Paula (Mar 2013).


Thanks to Howard and Nicola for organising a great event. Oh must mention Nicola's absolutely gorgeous cakes, we were thoroughly spoilt. John (Mar 2013).


Really had a great night - many thanks for having us :-D Sylv (Mar 2013).


Fantastic night, lovely venue well done to all crew, Never got to taste Nicola's cakes as they had disappeared soo quickly so must have been fab . . .Lloyd (Mar 2013).


It was the right decision to go - yeap thank you for all the lovely dances. Tracy (Mar 2013).



I would like to thank you for the wonderful workshops that I attended with you. They were a great inspiration and fun, and certainly improved my dancing.
All the best to you. Helga (Sept 2013).


I wanted to let you know how useful I found this workshop (Momentum). I have been dancing for 9 years & am trying to make the transition to blues. I was so pleased to be shown techiniques which I can work on, & has already improved my fast turns no end! I studied tango for several years & there was always a huge emphasis on technique, it is soo nice to see this level of teaching going on in jive/blues. Yes, its tough but well worth it. Most other venues teach move after move, not how to execute it well.
Thank you, Jan (June 2013).


A short note to say how much I enjoyed and learned from the lessons at the Hayling Island weekender just finished. The instruction was very clear, Nicola's styling tips are invaluable and the delivery was interesting and kept the fun in the lesson. Thank you to you both and more of this please. ;-) Helen (April 2013).


Thank you so much for the workshop, the content, and how you guys put it across. It was just "up our street".Its always good to pick up a slightly different style/perspective from good Blues teachers … and there don't seem to be many about.. The next one we can make will be Northampton, so look forward to attending and seeing you guys there. All the best Glenn and Romaine (March 2011).


Thanks for the fantastic Drops Workshop earlier today. I'm definitely less afraid of them now that you guys have shown how they should be done safely. Nix x (9 Jun 2012).


Thank you so much for a wonderful and very enjoyable workshop. The moves were truely beautiful and everyone did very well, I thought, due to the clear way in which you explained them. And not to forget the delicious cup cakes!!! The day was great fun. Howard, thank you very much for sorting out my arm hold. I shall certainly book a private class with you. Best wishes, Helga J (Feb 2011).


Thanks for such a great workshop, masterclass and freestyle dance on Sunday evening!! I really enjoyed the event, as usual. Clive S (Jan 2011).


I wanted to drop you a message to thank you both for your excellent master class 'connection perfection' that Rose and I attended at the recent Camber weekender. Rose and I have been dancing Ceroc for 2 and half years in Oxfordshire, Rose has previous experience of Ballet and contemporary dance, and we've also been Taxi dancers for over a year now. Recently our dancing has 'plateaued' and hasn't really advanced as much as we would like it to, spending time just learning new moves and routines, rather than informed dance theory and the most fundamental things like frames and how you should be stepping forward and back without having to pull, push and yank your partner all over the floor. Your master class has had massive impact on our dancing in that short hour; it has inspired us and revitalised our love for dancing and given us a new way of thinking about it. Both of us would like to thank both of you; your teaching quality, style and communication is by far the best we have seen from the many classes and workshops we have attended. Thanks again and best wishes, Dave A (Jun 2010).


Just wanted to thank you two for my lesson last week. With my long break I had lost some of my enthusiasm for dance, but it has returned. I have been dancing the past 5 nights, and got to the final of the dance with a stranger competition at Hammersmith freestyle on Saturday. Thanks, Jon T (Feb 2010)


Well how is this for enthusiasm? We have already been practicing and we have managed to remember and work out most of the moves!! We really did enjoy the day and got a lot out of it – probably more than we've got from many other classes we've done. We'll definitely be in touch for a private lesson! Thanks once again, Sheila & Martin (Sep 2009).


Really enjoyed the classes you taught at Camber this last weekend. I think you break the moves down well and teach them really clearly - and that's besides the banter which is always entertaining! Thanks again, Phil N (Aug 2009).


Just wanted to say thanks again for today. I spose what stuck in my mind most going home was how facilitative you were... I sometimes wonder 13 months in will I ever do anything effective on the dance floor and for moments today you made it all feel possible. It felt good!! Cheers, Jonathan C. (May 2009).


Joanna and I can now dance the blues thanks to you guys this weekend. Best regards, and thanks again for the lessons, Jake. (May 2009).


I thought that the workshop in Bath on Saturday (11 April) with Howard and Nicola was really well done. I have only been dancing for a year and a bit so I realise that my ability to judge is limited. However, it appears to be relatively easy to teach complete beginners and to teach complicated moves to intermediate dancers that they can butcher on the day and then forget. Howard achieved the more difficult job of teaching a class that was both accessible (to people of varying levels of ability) and challenging. He also left everyone with a number of simple exercises that they could remember and practice at home. It was fun. If you are arranging workshops in the future that is exactly the sort of class that I am happy to travel for. Best wishes, John S. (Apr 2009).


It was a really great workshop – so thank you very much for this – Geoff, my partner and I really loved it. I've regularly gone to various styles of dance classes so I particularly liked a bit more of a focus on technique which does make all the difference. Think you got it just right! Mariana and Geoff (Apr 2009).


Hi - just want to say that your workshops at Southport last weekend were the best of the weekend. Your clarity and easy demonstrations were much appreciated. Many thanks, Linda. (Mar 2009)


Just wanted to say thank you very much for a great workshop today. Thought it was structured really well with great teaching points. Gorgeous music too. What more could anyone want? Many thanks again. Mariana and Geoff (Oct 2008).


Loved your workshop Sunday at Bedford (cakes were great too thanks Nicola). Turnout was brilliant - you two were quite a draw! Regards, Steve. (Jun 2007).


. . . loved your workshop. It was by far the best workshop I have been too - the notes, signage, music, breaks, routine, explanations, location, venue, timings, day of week. And of course, the hottest teachers teaching the hottest moves. Thanks Wendy.(May 2007).


Last week on Thursday my boyfriend went dancing at Fulham and did your advanced class. He watched your routine and thought it was impossible that he would be able to do it. However he was really impressed by how well it was taught and how he picked it up. He thinks you are the best teachers he has come across in years and years. He also commented that Nicola makes everything look so beautiful and graceful that it really incentivises the guys into putting the effort in and taking the trouble to learn. So he came back really keen to do your workshop on the 31st - which we have now booked on to. So thanks for injecting new enthusiasm into his dancing and well done on being so talented! All the best, Farah. (Jul 2005).


Just thought I'd drop you a note to say thank you for a great workshop and showcase. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience! Best Regards, Ian. (May 2005).


We really enjoyed your classes at Camber at the weekend, and thought it would be good to let you know. The Intermediate Drops and Seducers and Intermediate Blues were, for me, the two best classes over the whole weekend. The instruction was very clear with some really great moves, but it was also a lot of fun. I hope you will be back in November, Lisa (May 2005).


Thanks for such a great class yesterday, Jeremy and I had a fantastic time. I found it so easy to learn in such a relaxed and fun atmosphere, and it amazed me how much you can pick up in such a relatively short time. Alice R. (Jan 2005).


. . . we very much enjoy your style of teaching and attended all your classes including at Sudbury and Marks Tey, where we don't normally go. Several people have commented that the Blue's class that you and Nicola held at Lawford was one of the best dance nights of this year. We also enjoyed your choice of music. Best wishes, Paul and Janet (Jan 2005).



Chiswick was excellent, great music in the blues room from Howard, he excelled himself. At times there were more people in the blues room than in the main room. Jay (Sep 2011).


Please pass on thanks to all your team for a great evening in Richmond, exquisite combination of venue, ambiance, dancers and, of course, music. John P (Mar 2011).


I really enjoyed it-good night of bluesy dancing :))! Loved the venue-unusual, i've expected something else. Thanks for the dance and lovely music :) x Taja S (Jan 2011) .



. . .the music was brilliant in the blues room (Howard). Jive-vee ( Oct 2010).


I caught the last hour of just about the best Blues music and dancing I have experienced . . . . Thank you Howard for the great set and thanks to everybody I danced with. Ant (July 2010).


Howard Temple (one of Ceroc's well known Blues teachers) got the task to DJ this night as a one off. As he wanted to play tracks 'he liked' (his words) rather than a possible pre-ordained set, his set was actually really good, pretty much every track was just good to Tango to. J ( Nov 2008).



I have been working on my frame and trying to get non zero connection and trying not to tug and you know what .................. I had soooooooooo many good comments when I've been dancing recently and a few really good dancers have asked me to dance too. (Still need to work on the elbows but one thing at a time). Thank you, Vicki H (Sep 2009).


Hi Howard, thanks again for the lesson on Friday - no less than THREE people spontaneously remarked that I had improved yesterday ... so that is just to light up your day! All the best, Maxine (Sep 2008).